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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Las Vegas  CSPAN  October 11, 2015 1:11pm-2:24pm EDT

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of his own members. we all know that. if he choses -- chooses to do the status quo, the house will be continue to be mired and the institution will be weaker, the speaker will be weaker. he will have the same problem that john boehner had. announcer: it could be sometime before we see the next steps. congress has begun their weeklong columbus day break. members back in their home district or on travel until october 19, when the senate returns. the house apples and one day later. -- gavels in one day later.
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-- influence an image. examining the public and private lives of the women who fill the position of first lady and their influence on the presidency. from the washington to michelle obama, tonight on "american history tv" on c-span3. republican
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presidential candidate donald trump held a campaign rally in las vegas thursday. he talked about the economy, trade, foreign policy, and other candidates, as well as the race for speaker of the house. this is just over one hour. >> [cheering] >> ♪
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>> donald gave $20 million to the st. jude's children's home. $20 million. >> [applause] [cheering]
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>> he could have used that $20 million for television ads, but he decided to give to children with cancer. so that is donald trump. >> [applause] [cheering] donald has hired more hispanics, hundreds of thousands of them, and they all love him. believe me. donald, takeover. >> [cheering] mr. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. so nice, thank you. thank you very much. what a great group. they have hundreds of hundreds of people standing outside. they can't get in. they didn't get the good real estate. you got the good real estate. i feel badly. >> [cheering] hotel,mp: phil owns this
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and he has been a friend of mine and we have done deals together. we have had great success at trump international together. the most beautiful building in las vegas, have to say. but it is a great thing to be involved with somebody that is so talented, so smart. such a great business person. believe me. and he is a great poker player. you know, i always put my money on him in a game of poker and he just walks way, very quietly. takes everybody's money and goes on to the next one, right? i love you, too. >> [cheering] mr. trump: i love you. by saying,ust start you know, kevin mccarthy is out. you know that, right? you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. smart goes with tough. i know tough people, they are not smart.
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that is the worst, ok? you need to be smart. we need smart, we need tough, we need the whole practice -- packet. like me, thank you. i like this guy over here, whoever he is. but it is bedlam in washington right now. i have never seen anything like it. i have always been in politics people -- politics. people said, he has never been in politics. at some point, i said we are going to make our country great again. and we are going to do it, so -- >> [cheering] mr. trump: i had to do it. >> [cheering] mr. trump: but kevin is a nice guy, and i just hope now they find somebody that is going to, you know, have those qualities where we can negotiate, we can use that debt ceiling that is coming up very rapidly and do something really, really significant. but if we don't, we are going to be in big trouble.
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we are going to be in very, big trouble. we are in a big, fat, beautiful bubble right now. i predicted the last couple. we have to get our act together or we are going to be greece on steroids. that is what is going to happen. that is what is going to happen. and there is nothing wrong -- there is nothing wrong with the republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. you know? >> [applause] mr. trump: you know? deal," "the art of the and i think it is the biggest selling look of all time. by doesn't have it check of the way, i'm coming out with a new one in about three weeks. "crippled america." what a difference. one is the "art of the deal," everybody make money, go -- good. now i'm doing one called "troubled america," and is much as i hate to color that, we had
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all these titles. we had a photographer, simon and schuster, the best, rolls-royce -- or, cadillac? maybe i should say cadillac. we want to keep it here. but, you know -- you know, i really great company. and they sent this fantastic photographer. and i am smiling. you know, like life is a bowl of cherries, like we are doing great. in the meantime, china is taking our jobs. russia is dictating. we don't know what we are doing, right? is it true? so i have all these pictures smiling, but i had a couple like i guess i wasn't prepared and i was nasty looking. nasty. and then i said, maybe we should use that picture instead of the nice pictures. i am not going to give it to my, or anything. i have the nastiest looking picture.
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of time, for a period that is what we have to do. we have to put her head down and we have to straighten out this mess. and no one can do it like me. nobody. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: i will bring our jobs back. it is interesting, cnn did a good -- i am on live with cnn. we are all alive. live,time to have me on all these other guys make the same speech over and over and over. if i say the same thing twice, i get criticized. you said that three weeks ago. how many thoughts can you have? jobs stink, the military is in trouble, the veterans are be taking care lee -- poorly care of. we are going to repeal obama care. >> [cheering] mr. trump: have to. we have to.
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>> [cheering] mr. trump: we have to. we don't have a choice. look at the response that gets paid sometimes it is not the biggest response. my stance on immigration is -- first of all, i just meant -- met with a whole group of hispanics. i have employed thousands and thousands and currently thousands of hispanics. these are incredible people. incredible. they did a poll and everybody probably saw the poll. i won with hispanics in the state of nevada. they are incredible people. and i think i won for two reasons, but one of them is they i am going to bring jobs back to this country. because this 5.3 and 5.5%, it is nonsense. we have close to 100 million people that are out of the workforce. they are out of the workforce. we have 50 million people that
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are in poverty. like third world. and not even as good as some of the third world nations. our infrastructure, our airports are worse than third world nations. lax, weinto kennedy, are like a third world country. and i go and i do with these people. i get along with everybody, ok? by the way, i do. i do. and i don't dislike john, i like john. i have the biggest bank in the world as my tenant. chinese bank. like, seriously big. the rent comes in like, boom, clockwork. but i have tremendous relationships with mexico, with china, with everybody. the problem is we are not being led right. when china, japan, brazil, i mean, any country. name any country taking advantage of us. france. they are taking advantage of us. you know that because you know
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what they are doing with iran. you see, she says france. you can name any country. russia? that is a pretty easy one. [laughter] russia could that is the one i was hoping. no, he is having a field day dealing with our leaders because our leaders are incompetent. they are incompetent. they are incompetent. >> [applause] mr. trump: so, we've had an amazing -- well, even israel. we are taking advantage of israel if you think about it. it is probably the worst thing that has happened to israel since the initial israel. i would say maybe -- maybe potentially the worst thing that has ever happened to israel. i have so many jewish friends where they go, i don't know what happened to obama. and some continue to support him. it is almost like, what are we
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doing here? they support him. they're having fundraisers for him. but they say, yeah, he has treated us very badly. israel and so bad to vivy is a great guy. i know him. thought he made a great speech the other day at the united nations. i was one of the few people -- i think the only, but he asked me to make an ad for him for his campaign. i took for credit for it, ok? full credit. but we have a problem with so many different things. i love talking about this, the media. do we all love the media? [booing] mr. trump: the level of honesty is incredible. let's ended with that. some are fine.
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honesty in thef media, they are so dishonest. i do a crowd and i will have a crowd like this, like the cameras, they never panned the room. they never ever can the room -- pan the room. no, it is true. they don't do it. >> [cheering] mr. trump: they don't do it. pan the room, go ahead. you know, they won't. i was in oklahoma the other day -- unbelievable -- we had 20,000 people in this massive park, and there were more than 20,000. i am not going low because if i have to people more, they say, oh, it wasn't -- i mean, i had one crowd where a group from ," theyico -- "politico cut the numbers, and the new
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look, and i have far more people than him. but it is important because it shows the dishonesty. but i was in oklahoma the other day and we had 20,000 people at least. we had a band shelter five times the size of this thing. all concrete. you know, real, beautiful bandshell. we must've had 2000, 3000 people behind the bench. i was saying, they can't see anything. but they couldn't fit them into a park. so we had much more than 20,000, but i say 20,000 so this rate i don't get criticized. and i said to the press, i said -- i went home, my wife said, how was it? was the crowd big? i said, what? she said because they had the camera on your face the entire time. they never panned the crowd. they are terrible. terrible. so -- no, they are terrible. the media is terrible. i'm going to go into a whole thing.
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no, they are terrible. look, they won't turn the cameras, see? they won't turn it. and they won't put this part on because they never put it on. why don't you pan the camera's? they don't want to do that. terrible. >> [cheering] mr. trump: terrible. >> [cheering] mr. trump: they don't do it. look. they don't move. but my wife tells me, she says, so how was the crowd in oklahoma? i said, it was -- it was -- amazing. but i thought you watched? i did, but they never showed. and then the reporter got up. donald trump was here, he made a speech in oklahoma. >> [laughter] mr. trump: and left. i set every record. he was here, he made this beach. a little controversial. he is a little controversial. same thing in dallas. you know, i went to dallas and they feed -- treated me fairly
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good there. mark cuban coming up, who is a good guy, and he owns the mavericks, and he said, i would love you to use the place. when? wednesday. it was like thursday when he called. how many seats? we have 20,000 seats. so we have the floor filled up. we had the place -- i think this old either 12,000 or 15,000 the first day. and it was a holiday. and i got there and it was incredible. but they don't really want to -- they want to belittle. i will tell you a great story. today in one of the big newspapers -- "new york times" -- i think we were at 32% of 35%. that is massive. >> [applause] mr. trump: remember this. remember this. "the times," it is disgusting. he calls up my people, says, oh,
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i want to meet with mr. trump. never even calls me. never even spoke to me. so they did a story, is he winning? -- waning? oranted to -- i was at 28 29. but think of this. the governor of the state, porsche -- bush, former. hey, honestly -- and rubio, the senator -- well, rubio was the gang of eight. very weak on immigration. but bush is in favor of common core. ok? so that means your children, right? that major children are going to be educated by the bureaucrats in washington. i don't think so. i don't think so. so this reporter calls up -- i have great people -- oh, i would
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love to speak to mr. trump. i would love to speak to him. he writes this horrible story. and she said she didn't say that we had 24 million people at the debate did the biggest audience in the history of cnn. then fox had the biggest audience in cable, i think they said, right? right? and by the way, it got bigger. i know some much from "the apprentice." >> [applause] of themp: -- i get a lot -- the profits from "the apprentice." you can always tell the enemies i left. the head of comcast, who is an amazing guy, steve burke, came up to me, and they come up to my office -- this is, like, 6, 7 months ago -- and they say, we want you to extend, we will do anything -- i mean, steve doesn't do that. comcast owns nbc.
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and he is fantastic. i said, steve, honestly, i think i'm going to run. i want to make our country great again. he said, well, i don't know. to have their upfronts -- that is a big deal. and they announced their full schedule. so they announced that "the apprentice" is going to be extended with donald trump. i have done 14 seasons. it is going to be season 14, and they even want to go beyond that. -- 15, and they even want to go the on that. apprentice," as an example, you have to let other people -- let's a lindsey graham -- do a two hour show on television. i don't think so, right? basically you are precluded -- essentially you are precluded. no, no, no, we are going to take a chance. so they announced it, they sell
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all the advertising, it is one of the easiest shows on television. 12 years, think of it. and now the extent. and i am honored. i get a call from mark burnett. he says, i can't believe it, you are turning down an extension. nobody, nobody turns down an extension. i am giving a lot believe me, to do this. on top of it -- on top of it -- on top of it, i'm self funding my own campaign. i'm putting up my own money. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: i am the only one. >> [cheering] [applause] so -- it is amazing, the response. people love that. all these guys are totally controlled by the special interests and the lobbyists. i have been there. i have been there.
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i used to be the one giving all the money. "theth the " -- with apprentice," we turn it down. donald trump gets fired by nbc. now, they know it is not true. in fact, i get a big chunk of the show. i created it with mark burnett. trumphey said, trump -- gets fired by nbc. and they know it is not true. so they call up and say, yeah, we knew. but it plays better. it does so great. they are such a dirty, rotten liars it is disgusting. >> [applause] mr. trump: so i gave up "the apprentice," and then i said -- we had to put down file. and they said, oh, maybe trump won't run. so i announced. then they said they will never do the form.
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that is the kind of guy we need, but he is not going to do yes lots of great things, so there was a, he never filed form letter a. i filed form letter a. then, oh, he will never file his financials. i had almost 100 pages. these guys had one page. i worked for some company, and they were late. they need with extensions, and i filed on time. i actually filed ahead of schedule. i just filed. and they found out that my company -- and fill with no because he knows my company -- and phil would know because he knows my company -- so what i did is i did this, and from the day i have done this, and my wife said to me, it is very interesting, as anyone ever
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heard of -- >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: two great women. you watch, they are going to start out and campaigning pretty soon. they are going to be great. they believe so much and so strongly in women's health issues that bush, by the way, didn't want. and hillary puts on, oh, how dare he talk about -- >> [applause] mr. trump: she acted indignant. can you imagine? here is a woman treating the united states government for years with her e-mail. petronius a gave criminal record. they destroyed five other people are doing about 1/10 of what you did. i don't know, i think she is going to get away with it. can you believe it? can you believe it. they destroyed general portray us. what he did is 2% of what she did. so you tell me it is fair. but i look forward to running
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against her because, frankly, that is going to be such a big issue. believe me. it is going to be such a big issue. >> [applause] mr. trump: and don't forget, i mean, she will fight very hard because she has to win because the statute of limitations or six years. do know what that means? do know what that means? there is some guy up there, probably a lawyer, laughing like hell. if a republican gets in, they will have to look at that, six years. i think the democrats are going to leave her alone because it is a corrupt system. i think there are going to leave her alone. but if a republican gets in, i don't take that she is guilty, they had to check, but if a republican gets in, we have a six year statute of limitations and i can guarantee there will be at least a fair investigation. so she is at least fighting. >> [applause] mr. trump: but she is really
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fighting for her life, in the sense. it is very interesting, the same day she said, i don't like donald trump's tone, his tone, my tone. i don't like his tone. and bush said the same thing. and rubio said it too. they said, i don't like donald trump's tone. and i say, wait a minute, we need a tough tone, don't we? aren't we tired? >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: we are tired of these weak, pathetic, sad people that don't have a clue, that won't do anything. we are going to make the country better than it ever has been before. we have a chance to do that. so they say -- so they said, we don't like mr. chumps tone. -- mr. trump's tone. and china -- have you ever seen china's tone? believe me, i deal with them.
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they don't talk about, oh, the weather is beautiful. the sky is so beautiful, look, mr. trump. it is all business. we want to extend the lease. right to go there is no games, right? there is no games, there is no small talk. there is no small talk. there is no, how's the weather? it is all business with these people. and they hit you in waves. when ideal of china -- and i love china, i love the people, they are great. i love the mexican people, they are great. but ideal with china and they walk in with waves of people. we will build a wall. but i want people to come in legally, we know that, ok, but i will tell you, china comes in and they negotiate and use it in there by yourself and you have 25 people across the table. and every one of them is a genius.
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but if you can do it, you can take it, you can do deals that are unbelievable. i said, go back and tell me what is the trade imbalance with china. id i was surprised because thought it was big, but i didn't know it was the steak and it is almost $400 billion a year. think about it. essentially that means we are losing $400 billion. it is worse than that because they have devalued their currency so they are taking our jobs, they are taking our manufacturing, and then on top of it, we owed them -- figure this one -- china is our largest creditor, along with japan -- they are actually exactly the same -- we oh of them $1.5 trillion. they steal our jobs, we owed them money. how do you figure that one? not too good. act.l it a magic it is incredible. they take our money and we all the money. it never ends. total $19 trillion.
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then i said, so, i was in los angeles three weeks ago, i saw the biggest ships i have ever seen. the biggest. and cars are pouring out of the ships from japan like the long island expressway. i never cars go so fast. they are going like 50 miles per hour off a ramp. i don't know if you thought last week, there was a picture in one of the papers. they have a wall that is this big. a great ball -- wall. between the borders. and they built a ramp rather than turned on the wall. the wall was so small, they didn't bother tearing it down. how stupid are we? how stupid? but china -- so, they owe -- we have an imbalance with them, almost $400 billion. if that is the number, you know it is worse than that. because when the government as he remembers, they say 5.2%
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unemployment. the number is probably 32%. i saw one guy say our unemployment rate is 42% because when you add back the 100 million people, you are right at those numbers. 25%e have a 20%, unemployment rate. but this was done by politicians so they look good. if you stop looking for a job, statistically you are considered you have a job. we are down to 5.3%. we are not down. nobody has jobs. i wouldn't have caught on -- to be honest -- i wouldn't have been catching on if the economy were real. it is not a real economy. it is a phony set of numbers. they cooked the books. have you ever heard the expression? the politicians cooked the books. i get theappens is -- report yesterday. and the reports are amazing. said, he talked
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about polls and the other people don't. that is because i'm winning. the other people are losing. it's true. no, no, i thought last night on television. when iere may be a time stop talking about polls. some of these guys have nothing. they have zero. 20,000 people, they didn't get one vote. how do you do that? to me, that is more impressive than meeting. no, it is true. i saw a television, oh, he talked about -- because i was and i were yesterday, it was amazing, amazing, packed -- packed. like you, they want to see the country the strong and they want to see our country. amazing people. so i was talking about the polls and one of the reporters, who is executed a, one of those live people -- barely, barely alive -- no, no, they said on
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television, mr. trump talked about the polls. well, the polls just came out. i thought to myself, maybe i do talk about polls too much. but i thought, i have been leading since i came out. and my wife and my daughter said, you know, jed, if you ever run, you are going to win. because nobody thinks you are winning. before iy pull you -- announced, before i signed my life away -- because that is what you do, you sign your life away. it takes guts to run for office. especially -- especially if you are not a politician. i never did this before, folks. these guys are governors, senators, these guys are all -- and so he would happens. florida winning big, big. florida, 20%, 29%. pennsylvania, big, big, great importance date. we love pennsylvania!
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i amve penc -- penns -- there a lot. i am leading big. big. ohio. ohio. so the poll comes out and it is a great company great polling company, the real deal. and they just hate it. they just hate it. , and i'meading ohio beating a very nice guy and a good governor by a lot. kasich is a good governor. he is a guy. and i am leading by a lot. and people say, what is going on ? you know, what is going on? than the have a poll come out and i have 35% to 35%. -- 35%. 35%. 35. so we get, as i said, highest ratings in fox, highest ratings in the history of cnn for these debates, the highest ratings. and they pull everything. oh, i love these things.
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who won the debate? every single poll -- "time" magazine, places i have never even heard of said, trump. i thought i want. i thought i won. and then they say -- first of all, just a so you -- just to show you, i think cnn is great, yguy. gallery, -- hgu i go home and i say, i want to watch myself on tv. these pundits don't have a clue. and they say that they didn't like it. then they said, here is the beauty, for 20 minutes i didn't say anything at the end. and then he faded in the end. i wasn't asked any questions. i wanted to say they are so dishonest.
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for the first two hours, everything was me. it was either question to me, right? these are rich guys. these guys are loaded. that is why they are in the first row. of course, i always heard in the theater the fourth row is the best. what did they teach you guys? but -- but -- so, they went out -- they went out and they do this thing on television. and i can understand it. my daughter comes up and says, dad, every single polling organization, they all say you weren't. on the cnn debate -- it was two hours, right? two hours. no, no, it was two hours then they made it two hours. no, it was a two-hour debate when i got there. when i got there. don't ruin my story. >> [laughter] mr. trump: no, it was a two-hour debate. and then about a day and a half or two days before, what
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happened is it was in "a variety," "hollywood reporter," which is a terrific group, i like them, janice, but they did a story about rates. they took the rates from, in the case of fox, i think in the case of cnn, from $4000 for probably to -- ad -- 30 second ad now he is really perking up. that is your language, right? toy went from $4000 $200,000. and they sold out. so, i get to their and i didn't know this -- there and i didn't know this and they said it was a three hours debate -- three-hour debate. and it was about a hundred degrees in there. i didn't care. i didn't care. but you had a couple of people on that stage who are seriously
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-- they were melting. they were melting. it was actually good for them. they went on and they lost 10 pounds>> [laughter] mr. trump: probably. but they go out and i get there. i hear it is now a three-hour debate. i really have no problem. actually, i was always a good athlete. but you know what? who the hell wants to watch a three-hour debate? "run with the wind" is three hours, right? mine, first question was second question was mine, their question, fourth question was to another one. donald trump is a horrible human being, is that true? mr. trump doesn't like your face, what do you say? what do you say? well, the world will watch. and then they say, oh, she debated so brilliantly. give me a break. the entire thing -- the entire thing was either question to me
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or question to the other candidates having to do with me. and i think they came out specifically 48%. then in the third hour, people started getting -- i am a ratings machine, ok? they got to be too obvious. so for 28 minutes, they did ask me a question. he didn't do well in the final 28 hours, it is almost like he disappeared. they did ask me any questions, ok? so, we have fun with it. but i have fun what i'm doing. we are making an impact like i never thought possible. like i never thought possible. >> [applause] [cheering] i have seen great this honesty in other ways, too. i always thought that real estate guys in new york and elsewhere, pretty tough cookies, right? politics is a much dirtier business. so i get a -- a call, this guy
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from -- i never even heard of it. but my people said, club for growth. they grow the wallet in their pockets, that is what it is. so, trump for growth, supposedly a conservative. so he comes up to my office. we have a perfectly nice talk. he is telling me about club for growth, which is nice, and that is the and of it. he then sends me a letter, asks me about make a $1 million contribution. i said, $1 million? i may be rich, but i'm not stupid, right? $1 million? so he wants $1 million in the letter. he was stupid enough to put it in the letter. howtold him, obviously -- many in the room would say, oh, good, let's give him $1 million. i just can't do that. i can't do it. so what happens is we say very politely know, and we figure -- no, and we figure that is the
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end. and he has a news conference and comes out vicious. every once in while, you have to build a road or you have to build a plant that is going to employ 5000 people or something. sometimes you need it. you wouldn't have any roads, sometimes you need it. and they did this ad. the good news was it had no impact because they took -- the pictures were so beautiful, i want to find a way to get him. i look so handsome. i never knew i was that good looking. it is true! i look so good. so they spent $2 million or $1 million on advertisements of because i turned down -- that shows you how dishonest politics are. i will never forget the experience because i was shocked. my people came in, oh, club for growth just had a news conference, they absolutely lambasted you. they also said he raises taxes.
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in fact -- >> [applause] mr. trump: in fact, so much so journal,"wall street which was bought for $5 billion million,w worth $500 but they will criticize me -- they did in editorial, it is too much. now, you tell me. you buy something for $5 billion, it is now with $500 million, a be not that, and maybe a couple bucks more, and then they write these nasty editorials about me. can you believe it? so i get criticized. but one of the things us criticized for was my tax break is too big. they think it is too big. what i'm doing is taking care of the middle class. and frankly -- >> [applause] mr. trump: because we have lost -- we have lost the middle class. so then they give you a bad
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editorial, and here's the good news. . have had the worst editorials i have never heard one person say, gee -- i don't think anybody cares. i get these editorials and say, oh, that is devastating. but they are criticizing also some other things. well, there is a personal dislike, but the amount -- the amount of the tax reduction is massive. and it is going to put people to work. and people are going to be energized. in the middle class is going to come back. you know? >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: you know, we have -- and i put them in the same category because people have forgotten about the middle class in this country. and that is what built -- that is what built -- middle income people -- that is what built the country. maybe even worse, the veterans. >> [cheering] mr. trump: they have forgotten the veterans.
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they have totally forgotten the veterans. >> [applause] mr. trump: and i will tell you what, if i get elected -- don't say if -- look, i'm running against -- it was 17 -- no, it was 17. and i am rich, you know? it would be 100. so far, -- i have to knock on wood -- but so far, when people attack me, they get creamed. they go down. it is true. so i get attacked by rick perry, the governor of texas, right? he was a friend of mine. i get along with him great. again, i'm leaving practically from the time i got in. i think it is almost three months now. they say michele bachmann? well, she let for a week. they say, well, they were there. but i am there for three months. a long time. it is a long time.
1:55 pm
standou get -- never -- up. stand up. say it. you are right. doing love this guy? do we love him? >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: but -- but -- if i win, -- >> [cheering] mr. trump: i like that. but again, you know what? i always say to people, they say, how do you react? pressure is very interesting because i see people that are really smart, they don't make it. they put on forced pressure on themselves. if i say -- there is much less pressure, you understand? not if, when. am i right? , right? hey, i got a call from one of the big reporters, one of the biggest, and i don't know him at all and he is from a major, major newspaper whose name i
1:56 pm
already mentioned. and he said to me -- he said to me, how does it feel? i said, how does what feel? you have done something that nobody us has ever done. ie said -- very interesting -- am a 14 covers, more covers than any super model in history. can you believe it echo no comic -- believe it? no, can you believe it? they did magazine -- something with my nose. it's true. i love "people" magazine. i love the people of "people" magazine. just leave me alone. but i looked like hell. i have a feeling they picked the picture. they may have picked it. i don't know. what i have been on -- their dance. come here. let me have that. >> [cheering]
1:57 pm
[screaming] [cheering] mr. trump: where are you from? >> i am from columbia. mr. trump: and did i ever meet you before? >> i am hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump! we love you! we love you. >> [applause] mr. trump: i swear to you, i think she is totally beautiful. i never met her before. i swear. this all started with a "people" magazine. i love the story. , right? but i don't know what happened. they played with myi didn't want to touch it -- played with my
1:58 pm
nose. i didn't once touch it. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i have a wart on the end of my nose. can you believe it? and i said -- i said, look, it is terrible. ok because they meant it well. i think they wanted me to make me look like kerry. i have always wanted to look like kerry grant. but anyways, you are beautiful. come here. >> [cheering] mr. trump: thank you. >> trump! [indiscernible] >> [cheering] [applause] you are beautiful. thank you. thank you, sweetheart. be careful. >> [applause] [cheering]
1:59 pm
mr. trump: great. that is so great. never met her before. she is amazing. she is amazing. thank you, hun. appreciate it. but that is my relationship with hispanics. nobody believes it, but that is my relationship. in new york, we have a hispanic station. and the mc of the station is a good guy -- i don't know him, but i watched him on television and he is talking about trump. how that is chump. he said, i don't know, every viewer that calls in, they love him. because they know i am going to do what is the right thing. i love the hispanic people. i employ thousands of them. and they know i am going to do what is right. about twowant to talk things. so, we have the second amendment and they want to take your guns away. and we can't let it happen.
2:00 pm
we can't let it happen. and it is not going to happen. you know, the press wants me to put policy favors because at the beginning they say, we agree, he is leading in the polls, but it can't go much longer because he doesn't put policy papers out. i guarantee my iq is much higher than any of these people. >> [applause] mr. trump: morocco was one of the great professors -- my uncle was one of the great professors at m.i.t.. anyway, they say i don't put policy. so i put policy out on tax. i put policy out on immigration. i put policy out on the second amendment, which is basically you are allowed to protect yourself. you read it. and i said -- they said, don't you think it is important to start talking about policy? i said, i have. it is only important for you. they know my stance. and they know my stance.
2:01 pm
but now we are keeping the press happy. they're saying, oh, he is very policy oriented. but in the i love being here with you. i loved my trip to iowa. i loved the other day i was in new hampshire. someone said, are you doing deals? plenty of business, but more and more i'm giving it to my bids -- my kids to run. i have great executives because i cannot be doing this all the time but i have to because we want to win. [applause] desk, and i say, i don't want it. i do not want to focus on a deal. it is not important to me anymore. what is important is turning our country around. [applause] it is so important. me, and iportant to
2:02 pm
have been saying it over the , one of theof weeks theorks today said, expression, make america great again. couple of candidates using it. the responses are the same. i was going to tell you before. it is horrible. perry went from five to zero and then he left. walker was a friend of mine. because i a plaque supported them.
2:03 pm
the professionals, you support someone and you get a plaque can i get a lot of them. i use it to put pictures of my family in there. [laughter] he came up and gave me a plaque and thanked me very much. he was so nice and one of his guys came out and said bad things about me. bad or trumpet is bad and he is a bad guy. you and i hit walker hard p or he was supposed to win. he was favorite to win. i gave the real numbers. i saw a magazine and in one paragraph it said, the deficit, schools are in trouble and roads are in trouble. i did not know this. i thought it was all good. in iowa,a, standing big new spirit he got wiped out and then he left. when he left, he was nasty. he said, everybody has got to leave. one person to beat trump.
2:04 pm
we have got to beat trump. can you believe that? i just want to do the right thing. [applause] then we have lindsey graham. >> boo! mr. trump: no, he was always nice. he gave me his cell phone number in this was three years ago. i found it. i have a whole pile of junk, stuff that will never be used again. i suddenly found his phone number. his phone blew up. [laughter] [applause] he was a nice guy. i have two lives. in my previous life.
2:05 pm
non-politician. i gave him a hard time. i may counterpunch her. i do not start the spirit everyone says he is a bad person and he is mean p or i am not mean. i get hit ladies people. that beautiful red hair. be a player. stand up with that red hair. i wish i had that hair. it looks good. ok. so he hits me really hard. hell out of me. he goes down to zero. he set i will never leave. just leave. it is not worth it. then they had the pole in south carolina. i met 29 or 302i think, something like that.
2:06 pm
something is wrong. he will probably not run for office again. then we have rand paul. >> boo! trump: but he was another one expected to win and that he goes around before the last debate and he's telling everybody, i'm going to attack trump. he is not a true conservative. i like his yeah, but ideas. and i am, i am a conservative guy. and he is a vicious guy. a vicious little guy. cool it, chill. take it easy. he is at news conferences telling everybody what a bad guy am. he was another one of expected to win. i have great respect for the people of kentucky. i love the state and the people. why is he running here or there? pick your place.
2:07 pm
i think it is unfair for the people of kentucky. how do you do that? he starts getting really vicious. every time i see him, things he was saying, i will not even say them. then he said, i will get him in the debate. is this right? i will get him in the debate. i will go after him. he will not have a chance. on him thatmbers are unbelievable and my first question, i attacked him. [applause] perfectly, he was nice. he backed me up twice. he [applause] was perfectly nice. is a crazy thing. jeb bush was doing great. >> boo! mr. trump: he is a nice guy.
2:08 pm
but he was doing great. really up here, big leak. [applause] i did not see the fire in jeb. >> low-energy. mr. trump: low-energy. sometimes you say something about somebody and it sticks. i called rubio a lightweight. that may or may not stick. water. remember the response on live television to the president's state of the union speech? they pick him because he is a young and rising star. he is talking and sweating and i'm watching him and saying, is he going to be ok? and he is sweating and the water is pouring down a lower him. finally, he goes --
2:09 pm
and i said, was that live television? he may be a nice guy. i really do not know him. viciously.cked me and push attacked me viciously. which is not that vicious because he is a nice person and a low-energy individual. somehow that one stuck. i do not know if like that lightweight will stick with rubio. running a business, a disaster. the ceo hall of fame is one of the worst in the history of the country. good hitter patter like a machine gun. but i said, if you listen for 10 minutes, you get a headache. you get a headache.
2:10 pm
the press loves her. i see these polls. the headline, carly is surging. surging. isean honestly,'s she surging. then said something very nasty to me. he said something really nasty about my faith. i'm a religious person. i am protestant. presbyterian, not religious. set to go after him and that he took it back. and i can't. i cannot do that. he took it back. disappointed that he took it back. i did not want him to take it back. i was all set to go. not do it because he stood up and said, the press tricked me into saying something takei did not mean and i it back and i said, that is
2:11 pm
really nice. i thought it was nice. please say something bad about me, ben. please. .esterday, i stuck up for him the press were saying, he made a statement that some maniac over there shooting people pay they said, that is terrible and disrespectful. i did not see it that way. i think he's treated unfairly about death from the press. i do not do that. i do not do it. i want to tell you we will bring wes back to the country and will have carl icahn, one of the great business people of all time. fill -- phil. i know people you have never
2:12 pm
heard of who are better than once you did hear of p or we will have people, it will not be picked -- it will not be because they gave me campaign contributions. i turned down millions. i feel so foolish. my whole thing in life has been accumulation. now he wants to give $1.5 million to my campaign. i do not want it. i feel like a jerk. i said no. i do it very weekly. question., i asked a supposing i am still self funding my campaign. had a woman said he seven dollars and $.59. more- first of all, it is expensive to send it back. [laughter] it is cute.ce but it is beautiful. they feel invested in your campaign. andou wrote back a letter said i do not want your money,
2:13 pm
that is nasty. but i do not want these guys giving me $590, $39. from what iferent really am. i was in iowa and i said to the people, a packed house. i said i do not feel good about turning these people down. i said, i feel like a shock. how many george people are in the room. am i right? stand up. i'm turning down millions of dollars. i ask the audience, how about if i take the money but i swear to you i will not do anything for these people. they stood up and went crazy. they hated it. you, let meomise take millions of dollars from these people, i will go out of my way not to give them favors and everybody stood up and went crazy.
2:14 pm
don't do it. maybe it means something. lose, i was stupid. honestly. i do not think i get enough credit for self funding. far, i get so much publicity, ifo crazy if i get an advertisement. what do i need it for? it is true. you put an advertisement in. they say, i cannot take it anymore. spent zero. . -- so, we will ring back our jobs.
2:15 pm
i took a commercial saying the trade deal is so good. 11 countries, they are taking our jobs and china will come in the back door. they always make a great deal with us because we're stupid and we are led by very stupid people. out against it. came out against the president. be careful, hillary, you may be indicted. be careful. be careful. [applause] no. that is very dangerous for her to do. i give her credit. thinksson is because she she will someday be debating me about the trade deal. i already have the pipeline, and i love that debate.
2:16 pm
a lot of jobs, it will not hurt anybody, environmentally it will not have any impact. she made a mistake but i love that. she changed her mind yesterday on the trade deal. you saw that. i'm telling you obama is angry at her. this could be the end of the e-mails. this could finally be the end. this could be the beginning of the end. i want to run against her. i do not want to run against bernie that is too easy. [laughter] some people say communist. some people say show celeste. -- socialists. . i always want to go against communist. in this country, i do not think it plays. but, we will take our jobs back. we will make our military strong. so strong and powerful.
2:17 pm
that nobody is going to mess with us. we will not have to use it in my opinion. nobody is going to mess with us. [applause] we would not be here if it was not for our veterans. we will take care of them. we will do it properly. [applause] trump: we will come up with a health care program that is unbelievable. your premiums will not be rising 55% like they are doing now.
2:18 pm
we will terminate obamacare. so, just remember. this was more than just a speech. you would see a nice chat and you would go home. this is a movement. this is a movement to take our country back. there is a movement on in this country.
2:19 pm
it is ready to take our country back. they used to use the term silent majority. it was not politically correct because i think it has to do with nixon. there is no more descriptive term. i'm bringing it back. the silent majority. the forte but the silent majority. i realize that i brought back a couple of months ago i was in front of the group south carolina that was going wild. they said the silent majority. i realized the term does not work anymore. it was a loud and incredible majority. were tired, we are tired of being pushed around. we are tired of being led by
2:20 pm
stupid people. we are tired of having our negotiators given land hundred $50 billion. 24 day inspections, self inspections. we do not get our prisoners back. we are of having them approach is two days ago and say we should of had our prisoners back. we want to give you three prisoners back but we want 19 people from you. we want many other things. that should have been included in the deal. we're tired of it. we are tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor.
2:21 pm
he is a traitor. a no good traitor. he should have been executed. we get sergeant bergdahl and they get five of the biggest killers that they wanted more than any other people. they wanted them for years. for years they have a trying to get these killers. they are back on the battlefield. yesterday i heard that bergdahl probably will not serve any time. 30 years ago he would've been shot. people are tired of it. so, just remember this day. because, things are happening. if it all happens and i think it might very well we are going to make this country great again. greater than ever before. it is going to be something special. thank you very much. [applause] [aerosmith's dream on] every time that i look in the mirror every time that i look
2:22 pm
in the mirror all these lines on my face getting clearer the past is gone it went back like desk tilde on isn't that the way? everybody has their dues in life to pay. i know nobody knows where comes
2:23 pm
early where it goes i know everybody's guinness say you have to know. half my life is in books with no pages. live and learn from full's and from sages you know it's true all the failings come back to you sing with me sing for the year sing for the left and sing for the fear maybe tomorrow the good lord will take it a way. >> all campaign long, c-span takes you the road to the white house. unfiltered access to the